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4 Mood Boosting Essential Oil Scents

by Dianne Rowbottom

We all know that scents can affect our mood quickly. 

Walk into your local coffee shop. Oomph. The rich familiar smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee fills your nostrils and instantly boosts your mood. Admit it, you're now ready to face the day. All it took was a simple sniff.

Essential oils can boost your vibe, too.


But how do scents boost your mood?

Have you ever noticed that familiar scents bring back memories and feelings? It's the power of scents and smells that trigger your memories.

There are a tonne of behavioral studies shown that smells trigger just as much  vivid emotional memories than images do.

Most recent research reveal that memories activated by a particular scent are frequently associated to increased activity within the limbic system. 


4 Mood Boosting Essential Oil Scents

1. You guessed it. Top of the list is Lavender. A simple sniff will send you into a state of calm and relaxation. It’s commonly used as a natural remedy for anxiety and for relaxation before going to sleep. Both Transform and Practice Scentred Sticks blends are infused with Lavender to calm the mind in busy moments.

2. Another mood boosting scent is the Cedarwood. A warm, woodsy aroma, perfect for stress relief and uplifting your vibe. A top note scent PracticeCedarwood oil is one of our favorites.

3. Myrrh is earthy, rich and subtly luxurious sweet aroma that can help promote awareness and mindfulness.

4. Frankincense has the ability to elevate relaxation, rejuvenate and increase productivity by helping you stay focused in chaotic moments.

Scents are powerful. They can trigger good memories but also anchor your mind to the positive of the present.

Whether used in an oil diffuser, oil roller or an on-the-go options like Scentred Stick - if you need a mood boost - essential oils are an easy, safe and effective option.


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