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Where is your happy place?

by Dianne Rowbottom

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when someone asks, “What's your happy place?” 

Disneyland is well known to be one of the happiest and magical places on Earth, however, happiness isn't always glitz!

Studies show, there are four common places which people generally feel their most happiest.



The sound of waves and the calming scent of salty waters in the oceans always brings us serenity and peace of mind. Imagine yourself sitting in the white beach shoreline, fine sands drifting in your hands and feet while waiting for your favorite Sunrise or Sunset. You can’t even explain where that feeling of certain happiness came from but one thing is for sure, you know within yourself that you are Calm, Peaceful and most importantly, Happy. 😊


Parks and Playgrounds

Playing with your kids at the park, having a family picnic or simply reading your favorite book in fresh air near trees brings a sense of calmness and happiness.


Mountains and Nature

Some people say, travelling and going in the mountains help them to escape from the reality. With all the hustle and bustle from the city that comes with stress from work, we all need a breather! Allowing yourself to appreciate the nature and see the wonderful creations is one of the most remarkable feelings you’ll ever have in your life.



“Home is where the heart is.” And this is absolutely true! No amount of distance and time can suffice when a family finally reunite. The happiness you feel every time you see your children; parents and any particular member of your family will definitely bring you the genuine happiness that even money can’t buy.


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