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Is it safe to use?

Absolutely. Like most essential oils on the market, Scentred Stick is 100% safe to use when used as directed (aka sniffing only please).


How long does each nasal inhaler last?

Scentred Stick is best used within 30 days upon opening. 


How often should I use Scentred Stick?

We recommend using Scentred Stick 2-3 times a day to boost your mood. We also highly recommend using Scentred Stick for 21 days to really cement lasting mindfulness habits.


How will Scentred Stick make me feel?

Jolly, grateful, content, breezy, tickled pink. Our goal is to anchor your mind to the positive of the present.

Warning: Increased perkiness and 'on cloud nine' vibes may lead to eye rolls and cheeky smirks from gloomy co-workers.


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